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[FOR PARENTS] Ready To Go! Mealtime : A Guide to Creating Good Eating Behavior (Ages 2+)



This kit contains all the tools you need to successfully guide your children through being healthy , happy and well behaved during mealtimes: * An easy-to-follow parent guide to mealtimes written by expert clinical psychologist and mother Dr Janet Hall. * An engaging board book to share with your children to establish and reinforce some key behavioral lessons. * 2 adorable reward charts and a set of reward-stickers to motivate children and positively reinforce their successes. Selling Points * Two books in one product - a gorgeous illustrated board book for the child and an invaluable instructional guide created by an expert for the parents. * This is a crucial developmental stage for every child and their parents and is something that can set them up with good behaviour for life. * Includes the practical motivational tool of reward charts and stickers with bright and beautiful illustrations

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