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I Love Baby Series (5 Books), 我爱宝贝系列绘本全5册: 晚安我的宝贝,宝贝我永远爱你,十个小脚趾,宝贝知道我有多爱你吗,宝贝就是这样爱你 (Board Book) (Books Set)


"Love" is an eternal topic in the human world, and it is a secret that parents and children never end. For children, love is more of a feeling, a hug and kiss from mom and dad. Then what else can express love? This "Baby, I Love You Forever" makes children understand that love always exists. Love is companionship, no matter sooner or later, no matter what the weather is. Although there are thousands of words, love is endless. The soft hardcover picture books are a great gift for parent-child communication.

Goodnight, My Baby
Baby, I Will Always Love You
Ten Little Toes
Baby, Do You Know How Much I Love You
Baby, I Love You The Way You Are

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