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I'm Not Scared, 我不怕 (Hardback)


I'm Not Scared! 我不怕 ! is originally written in Italian by Giovanna Mantegazza and illustrated by Francesca Crovara. This is the Chinese translated version. It is a board book, with simplified Chinese and accompanying hanyu pinyin.

The Story

In our child's world of imagination, there'll be giants, skeletons, witches, dinosaurs, big bad wolves, etc that comes out in the dark. How should the little one deal with these scary creatures? Well, if you see a giant and you want him to go away, just tell him firmly "No!" and he'll disappear. If you see a skeleton, all you have to do is to say, "No, go away" and he'll disappear.... and so on. Towards the end of the book, when all the scary creatures are finally gone, mommy lovingly tells the little one to close his eyes and sleep tight.

This is a rather unique book to teach the little ones how to deal with his fear.

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