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Only One You + You Be You, 独一无二的你 + 勇敢做自己全套2册 (Hardback) (Books Set)


In the process of children’s growth, it is essential for the establishment and cultivation of self-awareness, but self-awareness does not only mean making children realize that they are special and unique, but also means that children can learn to see while accepting their own characteristics. See and appreciate the special features of others, and understand the joy and meaning of sharing with others. In "The Unique You", before Danny the little fish is about to set out to explore the world, his parents tell Danny that he is unique and how to be an independent and special self while getting along with others in harmony. With the wisdom of life shared by his parents, in "Be Brave to Be Yourself", little Danny set off with expectation and confidence. After exploring the world alone, he returned home and shared his knowledge with his parents. Smart little Dan Not only did he understand that he was unique, but he also saw the special features of others and the colorful beauty of the world, and realized the harvest that sharing had given him. Mom and Dad were very pleased. They told Danny that life is a long journey and you must be brave to be yourself.

Only One You
You Be You


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