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Chinese Reading Pen with AI Function + 4 Encyclopedia Book Bundle: Han Yu Pin Yin + Bilingual Encyclopedias, AI点读笔-拼音点读+双语认知小百科套装


Make learning Mandarin fun with the Quway Chinese reading pen! Point-read-listen-learn: By pointing to the words, listening to the pronunciation, and reading the characters, this interactive experience makes learning Mandarin easier and fun for children. The reading pen is also pre-loaded with on-demand poetry, stories, songs and rhymes, which makes it portable and easy to bring around!

Various learning modes:

  • Read aloud mode: Reads the entire paragraph out
  • Pin Yin mode: Breaks down the Pin Yin sounds for accurate pronunciation
  • Quiz mode: Makes learning Pin Yin fun!
  • Sing along mode



  • 点读模式,孩子轻松‘点’学汉语拼音
  • 认字跟读,听音辨字,奠定学前语文基础
  • 内容丰富,学习拼音,同步启蒙汉学文化
  • 模式多样,切换整读及拼读等多种点读模式
  • 学习生动,增设拼音游戏及有趣问答



What’s in the box

  1. AI Reading pen
  2. Han Yu Pin Yin - Books 1 & 2
  3. Bilingual Encyclopedias - Books 1 & 2
  4. AI Reading Pen Charging Cable
  5. Han Yu Pin Yin Wall Chart
  6. Instruction manual


Han Yu Pin Yin Book 1: Pin Yin Basics

  • 单韵母
  • 复韵母
  • 特殊韵母
  • 后鼻韵母
  • 声母
  • 整体认知
  • 音节表
  • 拼音游戏


Han Yu Pin Yin Book 2: Application of Pin Yin

  • 情景词汇 Daily scenes
  • 气节认知 Four seasons
  • 三字经 Three Character Classics
  • 弟子规 Confucius Moral Values and Virtues
  • 十二生肖 Chinese 12 Zodiacs
  • 精选唐诗 Tang Poetry
  • 快乐童谣 Mandarin Songs
  • 绕口令 Tongue Twisters
  • 猜谜语 Riddles

Bilingual Encyclopedias - Books 1 & 2

  1. 1400 Bilingual Vocabulary
  2. 100 Conversation Phrases
  3. Interactive Question
  4. Vivid illustration
  5. English Nursery Rhymes
  6. 37 Themes


1) The Alphabet 字母 ,2)Morning 早上,3)Go to school 上学, 4)Class 上课,5)Library 图书馆,6)Sports Day 运动会,7)Concert 音乐会,8)Curriculum 课程,9)Bedroom 卧室,10)Living Room 客厅,11)Bathroom 浴室,12)Kitchen 厨房,13)Household Chores 家务,14)Birthday 生日,15)Restaurant 餐厅,16)Supermarket 超市,17)Digital Store 数码商店,18)Shopping 购物,19)Hospital 医院,20)Night Market 夜市,21)Zoo 动物园,22)Amusement Park 游乐园,23)Museum 博物馆,24)Beach 海边,25)Farm 农场,26)Leisure Time Activities 休闲活动,27)Airport 机场,28)World 世界,29)Space 宇宙,30)Festivals 节庆,31)Shapes and Number 形状和数字,32)Seasons and Weather 季节和天气,33)Time and Calendar 时间和日历,34 & 35)Occupations, 36)Movements and Feelings 动作和心情,37)Opposites 反义词,38)Commonly used English words 基本常用英文单词


Product Specifications

  • Wi-Fi Network
  • AI Voice Interaction
  • AI Reading Pen small and easy to carry , no radiation and safe for use
  • 6 Learning Modes: Pin Yin Mode, Full Reading Mode, Singing Mode, Split Reading Mode , Question and Answer Mode , Solution Mode


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