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Shine-a-Light, 丹妈优选手电筒看里面科普透视绘本10册揭秘身体动物小百科低幼 (Paperback) (Books Set)


There are 10 volumes of "Science Perspective Picture Books in Flashlight", which is a set of popular science picture books that can bring children a new reading experience. Suitable for children aged 3-6 and their parents to read together, or for children to read independently.

The book uses a unique perspective effect of light and shadow. You can take a photo from the back of the color picture with a flashlight, or open the pages of the book to turn the black and white side of the book to the light, thus showing the internal structure and scene on the front of the page. Discovering the "secret" knowledge hidden behind the picture, the whole process from "invisible" to "decrypted", fully satisfying children's curiosity.

The content covers knowledge in the two major areas of natural cognition and life cognition, "Body", "Dinosaurs", "Earth", "World Wonders", "Animal Disguise"; "Farms", "Cities", "Hospitals", "Car Repair Shops", " "Library", the popular science knowledge described in the book is easy and interesting, with the Q&A questioning method, so as to stimulate children's interest in exploration and learn knowledge subtly.

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