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Sound Book : Bedtime Stories (5 Books), 晚安故事系列套装 (Box Set)


Each series includes 5 books, and each book consists of 5 mandarin stories.


Idiom Stories

  • Frog in A Well 井底之蛙
  • To Guard A Tree Stump Waiting for a Rabbit 守株待兔
  • Afraid of One's Shadow 杯弓蛇影
  • Blind Man & the Elephant 盲人摸象
  • The Donkey Has Exhausted Its Tricks 黔驴技穷


Aesop's Fables

  • Tortoise & The Hare 龟兔赛跑
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf 放羊的孩子
  • Lion and the Mouse 狮子和老鼠
  • Bundle of Sticks 团结力量大
  • Honest Woodcutter 金斧头和银斧头

Classic Fairy Tales
  • Three Little Pigs 三只小猪
  • Pinocchio 小木偶
  • Sleeping Beauty 睡美人
  • The Wolf & The Seven Little Goats 大野狼与七只小羊
  • Jack & The Beanstalk 杰克与豌豆


Grimm's Fairy Tales

  • Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs 白雪公主
  • Red Riding Hood 小红帽
  • Frog Prince 青蛙王子
  • Cinderella 灰姑娘
  • Hansel & Gretel 糖果屋


Andersen's Fairy Tales

  • Ugly Duckling 丑小鸭
  • Little Mermaid 小美人鱼
  • The Emperor's New Clothes 国王的新衣
  • Thumbelina 拇指姑娘
  • The Brave Tin Soldier 勇敢的小锡兵





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