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Sound Book : Nature, 香喷喷的发声书植物 (Board Book)


In the garden, insects are giving a concert. Ants pull the erhu, butterflies play the zither...smell the fragrant flowers and listen to the beautiful folk music. Through the concept of plants, we introduced osmanthus, lavender and other plants to children, which stimulated children's desire for exploration and interest in things.

在花园里,昆虫在开音乐会。蚂蚁拉二胡,蝴蝶弹古筝……闻香喷喷的花儿,听优美的民乐。 贯穿了植物的概念,向小朋友介绍了桂花、薰衣草等植物,激发孩子的探索欲,对事物感兴趣。


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